The Dam Is Beginning to Burst…

Clay Travis spoke today on his radio show about a new witness who is testifying under oath of two dozen phone calls in which Joe Biden participated while serving as Vice President during which his son Hunter was soliciting foreign businesses in places like Ukraine and China. The situation is now gaining a head of steam. We knew about all of this since 2018 because of the excellent work of Peter Schweizer:


4 thoughts on “The Dam Is Beginning to Burst…

  1. We have well passed the smoking point gun in the Biden Crime Family matter. I am concerned , however , if a special counsel , from outside of government , that it will be some wussy uncurious Democrat who couldn’t find a dead cow in the closet. Furthermore it will give Wray et al all the more to say when testifying ……..
    “can’t answer , that is under investigation”.

    1. There is no question, Fred, that these types of proceedings almost always seem to be stacked against the Republicans and in favor of the socialists.

      Now, the word is that this particular person who was going to testify has backed out. Anyone who calls out the socialists puts their own lives in their hands. Ask Seth Rich.

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