Saving the Scientific Method in North Carolina Schools

The progressive left is artful in many ways.

I just learned tonight that there has been an effort afoot for a period of ten years to eliminate teaching the scientific method in public schools, and to replace it with “Science and Engineering Practices”.

John Droz is a retired physicist from eastern North Carolina. He informs us of a successful effort to revive the practice of teaching the scientific method in North Carolina public schools. He has articles about this at his own Substack and also over at Carolina Journal.

Conservatives– and folks who want rigorous science– have not been experiencing many victories during recent years. It is amazing that we have to protect the teaching of the scientific method– but here we are.

Congratulations to Mr. Droz. He deserves our thanks because it appears he was part of this effort. He is now advocating for teaching critical thinking— another apparent deficiency in our public schools system. He lays out the entire issue of our educational system here.


2 thoughts on “Saving the Scientific Method in North Carolina Schools

  1. Yes, Droz has identified the problem with public schools and proposed a framework to fix them. We should thank him.

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