UNC’s Response to the Affirmative Action Ruling

It was lightning fast.

The Supreme Court had only issued its ruling forbidding affirmative action at UNC Chapel Hill within the last couple of weeks. That school’s leader quickly responded with a plan to provide free tuition and “required fees” for undergraduates with a family income below $80,000 per year.

I think they knew they were going to lose, and had been working on this plan for some time.

I have mixed feelings about this.

We could certainly argue that providing extra help attending ought to be provided to all those disadvantaged– white, black, yellow or brown. We have plenty of white poverty in the state of North Carolina, Hispanic poverty, etc. From that standpoint, the new plan makes sense.

On the other hand, that extra help to the disadvantaged has already been provided in the form of a progressive income tax system, the enormous welfare state and need-based college aid. This is yet another layer of assistance they are proposing.

Need-based aid has been prevalent for college and university costs for a long time. This is nothing new. It helps people attend college– but it also shifts the costs to those who have more. Why is this an issue? People are not being treated equally under the law, which is a constitutional requirement.

One other issue? It seems to me they would need approval from the Board of Governors and/or the North Carolina General Assembly to waive tuition costs for a large class of students. I wonder if UNC Chapel Hill can lawfully take this action on its own.

Of course, the sleazy Marxists within the faculty lounges and administrative suites at UNC Chapel Hill are more than happy to place their collective thumbs on the scales to favor certain groups. It is their religion, in fact.


3 thoughts on “UNC’s Response to the Affirmative Action Ruling

  1. Just as we forecast. I do think they need approval of the legislature. We shall see.

  2. SCOTUS just sanctioned the Biden admin for the plan to “forgive” loans, i.e., have others pay for it.
    This appears to be a plan by UNC to circumvent the law of the land by “pre-forgiving” loans and making others pay for it.
    Two sides of the same coin.

    1. Yes, Jaycee. It’s Marxism, pure and simple.

      The overarching problem is that the administration and faculty at Carolina do not feel they are accountable to the voters of the state of North Carolina.

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