Dan Bishop to Run for State Attorney General?

Over at Longleaf Politics, an unexpected revelation was shared:

The Do Politics Better podcast reports that U.S. Rep. Dan Bishop was spotted at a recent Republican Attorney Generals Association meeting and appears to be leaning toward a run. Bishop was one of the few Republican congressmen to vote against the debt ceiling compromise and perhaps is on the outs with House leadership.

This would be a great move for Congressman Bishop and for the state of North Carolina.

In the US House, Bishop is one of 435 members. It is very difficult to make an impact; and the nature of establishment Republican leadership in Washington is well known.

As State Attorney General, he can have a big impact– both in terms of the rule of law within the state, but also in terms of initiating or joining litigation on the national level that can help correct some longstanding wrongs.

Bishop is a Christian, constitutional conservative. He is smart and courageous. In the event he were to run, I hope he would be a fixture for eight years in that office.


2 thoughts on “Dan Bishop to Run for State Attorney General?

  1. I guess the question is, whether he is more valuable in the House, or as Attorney General. My take on this choice would be that he remain in Congress and keep the rest of the scoundrels honest .

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