Why Did The Elites Push Women’s Lib?

The below video is interesting. I think there was also a desire to hold down wages. Prior to the entry of women into the workforce, a working man could support a family. That quickly became history:


2 thoughts on “Why Did The Elites Push Women’s Lib?

  1. Starting in the 1960s women’s liberation challenged social norms about sex, gender, family, and relationships, and explored alternatives to the traditional nuclear family. Are we better off because of it ? That is the question. I don’t have the answer.

    1. I don’t think we are better off because of it, Fred. I read a report today that demonstrates we are reproducing in the US well below replacement levels. That, of course, leads to the importation of immigrants that do not share American constitutional values, leading to the further erosion of the Republic.

      It would much better if both men and women were oriented to their proper purposes under God’s design.

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