Cooper’s “State of Emergency” Over Public Education

There has been quite a stir over the fact that Governor Roy Cooper declared a “state of emergency” for public education. Why? Because the Republicans in Raleigh were advancing a voucher plan whereby parents could use taxpayer dollars to send their kids to the school of their choice.

Obviously, Cooper’s statement is a political ploy. But there is, indeed, a “state of emergency” created by this proposal.

What is truly at risk is that private and Christian schools will have dictated upon them the manner in which they must conduct business and do their work with vouchers enacted. Why? Because the progressive/socialist crowd tends to prevail in these battles especially when government gets involved in some way. Accepting the tax dollars will ultimately come with all sorts of strings and conditions.

Some private and Christian schools are already making some terrible mistakes. But it will get much worse once they are subjected to governmental requirements.


2 thoughts on “Cooper’s “State of Emergency” Over Public Education

    1. It seems they do, Fred. I am now reading about private schools around the country going woke, and patients suing because of it. Home schooling and some Christian schools are now the only refuge…

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