2 thoughts on “The Durham Investigation Achieved Little

  1. Well that is debatable.

    Oh, my shocked face when CNN’S Jake Tapper says the Durham report — which found the Russian collusion probe should’ve never been launched — is “devastating to the FBI”


    From Steven Heyward:

    “Will there be any accountability for the media for their part in this travesty? Will the Washington Post or New York Times give back their Pulitzer Prizes for their “relentlessly reported” stories that turned out to be false? Yes, of course we know the answer to this. Whatever happened to the media holding the government accountable for lies? Yes, we know the answer to this, too: the mainstream media decided to sign up fully with one team, and it’s not the one that prizes truth and independence. Fake news indeed.”

    1. The mainstream media is hopelessly corrupt, Fred. They will not admit and apologize for how wrong they were about this whole matter. We often hear cries for justice– where are those cries now?

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