Confronting the Accusers

Trump’s Town Hall meeting last night in New Hampshire did not go well for CNN. The major networks take an adversarial approach toward conservatives, and treat the socialists with kid gloves. This has been standard operating procedure for a half-century, if not longer. It is the source of the problem. They ought to treat both sides precisely the same.

Byron Donalds stands up to them as well as Trump did, if not better. While I may not agree with every statement Donalds made, he bested them even though it was one man against six:


2 thoughts on “Confronting the Accusers

    1. I agree, Fred. Although it is very early, it is difficult to foresee at this point anyone successfully challenging Trump for the GOP nomination. But the left will be tying him up in court next year with the various legal matters they are pursuing against him to prevent his election. We shall see.

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