4 thoughts on “The Man is a Turkey

  1. From your link:

    It really is amusing listening to the globalists drone on about the world’s problems and how their solutions will take into account everyone’s best interests. Gender imbalances? These are the same people encouraging young children to be confused about what their gender even is. Environmental degradation? These are the folks who want all vehicles, all appliances, all lawn and garden tools, everything to run off of power generated by the electric grid, which cannot even sustain the current level of power needs, let alone if we all traded our gas-powered cars, gas stoves, leaf blowers, tractors, mowers, chainsaws, etc., for electric ones. And where do they plan on putting those toxic solar panels and lithium batteries after they outlive their useful life? What about those wind turbines that are killing birds and sea life?

    So don’t tell us about civic participation and sustainability and how you will give us a better world and all of the other lies. The globalists care about one thing: Domination. Control. They will do anything, tell any lie, to achieve it. And they wonder why there has been a breech of trust; why people around the world have had enough of the incessant lies, manufactured crises, arrogance and intolerance of dissenting views that come down from the globalists and their elitist institutions.

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