The Biden’s to Finally Start Feeling the Pressure?

It appears the walls are beginning to close in on them, assuming that the Wednesday press conference is properly reported:

This is all happening at a time when his polling numbers are collapsing; he is facing a spirited challenge from RFK, Jr.; and various figures within the socialist coalition are admitting they have a problem on their hands with which they will need to deal.


2 thoughts on “The Biden’s to Finally Start Feeling the Pressure?

  1. Could this be the smoking gun ? It very well could be but we’ve been down this path before and it always leads to disappointment. Given that the congress staffers leak everything they know several days in advance, Comer’s bombshell news would have already been leaked if it indeed was truly a bombshell. Cross your fingers but don’t get too excited.

    1. You’re right– when the Republicans do these things, they DO tend to lead to disappointment. There was some suggestion that Comer and Grassley are coordinating on a “plan B”, but it is unclear what that might be.

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