North Carolina Disgraced Nationally Over Trans Treatments at Major Medical Centers

Over the past week, we have seen a story circulating that UNC, Duke and ECU are providing transgender treatment for toddlers– aged 2, 3 and 4 years old.

Sloan Rachmuth from the Education First Alliance here in North Carolina has appeared this week on Fox News, Real America’s Voice and the Stew Peters program (below). A bill to limit transgender treatments was heard in the NC House this week. A committee consisting of 25 Republicans and 10 Democrats watered it down to the point that it is not terribly helpful.

The Stew Peters segment is shown below. He demonstrates rightful outrage as he interviews Ms. Rachmuth:

The bill is HB 808. It merely prevents the expenditure of state funds for gender transition procedures. It does not make these procedures illegal when private insurance or private funds are used.

The committee in question in the NC House– overwhelmingly stacked with Republicans– did not include language explicitly forbidding use of puberty blockers and hormone treatments. Another bill that would stop drag queen shows before children– HB 673— was also killed by NC Republicans in Raleigh.

Peters questions whether the awful Republicans’ receiving monies from the pharmaceutical companies and/or the hospital systems is what drives their reluctance to act in a more courageous manner. His program can be viewed on the Frankspeech network– the link for which is found on the right side of this blog page.


4 thoughts on “North Carolina Disgraced Nationally Over Trans Treatments at Major Medical Centers

  1. What a shocking disappointment. Are there no courageous Republicans in the legislature ? Stew Peters says it all . And what of the parents ? This is horrific. !

    1. Fred, I think there are some courageous Republicans in the NC General Assembly, but they are a distinct minority within each respective caucus.

      It is absolutely disgraceful that these hospital systems and academic centers are pushing these treatments– especially to kids– and that the Republicans are too cowardly and conflicted to fix the situation.

      And one other important piece of information is that these treatments are being given– at least at some level– right here in Greensboro.

  2. This is child abuse…and those that enable or perform it should be identified and prosecuted. What a shamefully corrupt government we have.

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