When “School Choice” is a Mistake

The Republicans in Raleigh are very enthusiastic about advancing legislation that will grant vouchers to parents to pursue education for their children at the school of their choice– including private and Christian schools.

That sounds great. However, one must look at the bigger picture:

  • The amount of the voucher will be based on need. Some parents will get more; some will get less. This therefore turns out to be a form of socialistic redistribution administered by Raleigh;
  • These vouchers will prompt private and Christian schools to increase their tuition charges, just as we have seen with student loans at the university level. It will make these schools less affordable for those who have been historically using these schools;
  • It will subject private and Christian schools to control by the state. The Godless socialists already have control of the state public education apparatus. But with vouchers, their control will also extend to private and Christian schools. It would be a huge mistake for these schools to participate, but many will feel led to do so.

This type of legislation is a mistake. Let’s hope it fails.


2 thoughts on “When “School Choice” is a Mistake

  1. No to Socialism in school choice. Who knows what will become law. I hope that thoughtful and prayerful consideration will be given to any legislation that addresses this issue.

    1. Fred, the outcome of this legislation is that there would be LESS school choice. All of them– public, private, Christian– will be forced to follow the same cookie-cutter leftist governmental approach.

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