2 thoughts on “The Kennedy’s Battles Against the CIA– and the CIA’s Battles Against the Kennedy’s

  1. There will be forever questions about the events of November 22, 1963.There was the Warren Commission, two books ” Rush To Judgement ” and ” Inquest “, the movie “JFK “, all of which left doubt in the public mind about the Kennedy assassination.

    Ultimately, the debate over the Warren Report’s most important conclusion that Oswald acted alone will continue to rage on and the public may never know the truth about what happened that day in Dallas.

    1. I think Tucker was fairly convincing a couple of months ago when he outed the CIA as the culprit, and he said, “It’s all fake!”.

      Even if we may not like the Kennedy’s, we have learned that the Deep State is a much bigger problem than we previously had been led to believe.

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