5 thoughts on “The Problem with Fox News

  1. I made this comment in an earlier post:

    “Tucker Carlson’s forced exit from Fox News was somewhat shocking but remember that the The Murdoch family are not our friends, and they are systematically clearing out the true conservatives, one by one, using whatever opportunities present themselves. The Great Purge of all things conservative from the modern public square continues ”

    BTW, legal proceedings against Fox are far from over. In another defamation case arising out of the false claims about the 2020 presidential election, Smartmatic is suing the network for US$2.7 billion. Smartmatic is a global voting technology company.

    1. Fred, there is apparently disagreement about whether Fox News’ contract with Tucker prevents him from working with another network. I am reading online that he has hired an attorney, however. We shall see what happens, I suppose.

      There was a conscious decision on the part of Fox News not to fight the Dominion suit. I wonder if they will take the same approach with Smartmatic.

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