Forcing One’s Preferences on Others

I recently was reminded that the federal government requires that truck drivers and pilots be certified medically to assure they are medically safe to work in their chosen fields. It turns out that the federal government does not want these folks to be certified if they are schizophrenic or if they have an active psychosis. The premise is that a person who is not able to discern reality– if they were to drive a truck or pilot an airplane– is a safety risk for the general public.

The federal government therefore acknowledges on some level that an inability to recognize and test reality is problematic.

It is tempting to say that the transgender crowd– and the transgender activists– are somehow divorced from reality. That seems unquestionably true. But the federal government is going out of its way to accommodate them and grant them special privileges.

My understanding is that the following is a training video used by the U.S. Navy. This is yet another reason to be concerned about our military today:

Notwithstanding the absurdity of the above video, these folks don’t appear psychotic or schizophrenic. Instead, you will see that they are asserting their will in a very cogent fashion. They are engaging in a form of intellectual bullying. We are seeing them invoke “righteous” postures dictating how people should behave, and suggesting they are disrespectful if they do not play along.

I don’t think this is psychosis or schizophrenia. Instead, this is a matter of will. It is a form of obstreperous individualism of a type we have seen many times in the past in other contexts. And given the fact it is outside of God’s will, it is profoundly sinful.

These folks are telling us that if we don’t affirm their deviancy, then we are the problem.

Given the fact that these kinds of folks are threatening and/or committing acts of violence against those who don’t agree with them, it escalates the level of concern we need to have.


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  1. Excerpted from The National Catholic Register.

    ” While Christians have a well-defined sexual morality that makes pedophilia a particularly detestable sin, those who have been pushing for sexual liberation on the Left can’t seem to come up with any reason against pedophilia except that young children are incapable of making those kinds of “mature” decisions about their sexuality. The problem facing us culturally is that it is largely the Left’s rationale against pedophilia that defines the law, not Christianity’s.

    Unlike pedophilia, transgenderism’s success in bullying its way into acceptance has been amazingly quick, owing in great part to its rushing through the same doors opened by the homosexual movement, literally riding the identical rails to culturally-mandated approval.

    One shared tactic is the penetration of the education and medical establishments, as allies in both causes. And so, just as educational curricula down to kindergarten mandated teaching about homosexuality and same-sex marriage affirmatively, so also with transgenderism is now being forced upon even the youngest schoolchildren, with parents barred from removing their children from the onslaught. Here, we do not mean merely reading trans-affirming children stories, such as I am Jazz or Jacob’s New Dress, but on-the-ground indoctrination meant to convince children that their gender is entirely up to them to choose, and so they should really think about the exciting possibility of changing their gender. And not just think in an abstract way, or a dress-up-and-pretend way. Trans activists are out to “help” young children become transgender, even against their parents’ wishes.

    A common tactic, as Ryan Anderson reveals in his excellent When Harry Became Sally, is to assert that children who feel any gender dysphoria or who would even just like to experiment are in danger of suicide if parents or society stands in their way. Thus, social service agencies are justified in using state power to “rescue” the children, who are then handed over to trans activists and the medical clinics that specialize in “transitioning” (the name given the series of procedural steps that attempt to make a female out of a male or a male out of a female).

    All of the efforts by pedophilic activists that have been bottled up for over four decades will come rushing through the gates opened by transgenderism. Since trans activists have direct access to our youngest children via the school system, pedophiles will rush right through that gate as well. This is a gate already half-opened in other areas in our culture — just do an internet search for “Drag Queen Story Hour Public Library.”

    What can we do to stop this from happening? Obviously, Christians need to re-evangelize our culture morally, but in the meantime, we must do something to stop the transgender juggernaut or we’ll soon be living in a completely paganized society, one that includes pedophilia once again. ”


    Biden administration proposal would bar full ban on transgender athletes but allow exceptions.

    1. With regard to the last paragraph, Fred, I believe we are already living in a completely paganized popular culture– and we have been for quite some time. But yes, we have to stop it, and turn back.

  2. These otherwise sane and rational people/institutions are exacerbating mental illness instead of helping sufferers seek treatment.
    Would it be ethical for a physician to give free cigarettes to a lung cancer patient instead of treating the illness?

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