“There’s Too Much Science in the Curriculum”

I viewed a webinar this weekend featuring Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, a retired nephrologist who used to be a medical school administrator at the University of Pennsylvania– an Ivy League institution. The webinar was sponsored by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, of which I am a member.

Dr. Goldfarb describes how he used to help direct and develop curriculum. When a new boss arrived, he was told there was too much science being taught, and that instead we needed to be training medical students to become political advocates. After he retired, he formed and now leads the Do No Harm organization.

He describes the national movement to make health care and medical school “woke”. Moreover, he briefly mentions the UNC School of Medicine as the most woke in the entire country. He labels this overall movement as a rejection of logic and reason. The webinar is found below:


2 thoughts on ““There’s Too Much Science in the Curriculum”

  1. Dr. Goldfarb is to commended on his work to fight wokeism and the paucity of ethics in med schools. He is right about taking his case to the various legislative bodies. Standards should not be diluted to satisfy the obsession with DEI. It is costing way too much with no benefit.

    Quite a distinction for UNC .. NOT !!

    I note that the Latin moto for AAPS is Omnia Pro Aegroto meaning All For The Patient.

    1. The webinar is lengthy, but the main part of his presentation was 30-40 minutes– the rest is comments, reactions and Q&A. And I think Dr. Goldfarb did an excellent job explaining the topic.

      I thought it was pretty striking that a guy from Penn would be calling UNC the most woke school in the country.

      AAPS is a great organization.

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