GOP NC Gubernatorial Primary: Robinson vs. Folwell vs…

There was an announcement a few days ago that Lt. Governor Mark Robinson was holding an event on April 22 to make an announcement at the Ace Speedway in Alamance County– the same site where the owners defied Governor Cooper’s Covid tyranny three years ago. Robinson spoke Friday night at the NC Physicians for Freedom function during which he communicated his staunch opposition to the lockdowns.

Then yesterday, something a bit unexpected happened. State Treasurer Dale Folwell made his announcement to run for governor. The article linked at WRAL suggested that Mark Walker might be considering the race.

And over at the Daily Haymaker, there is some suggestion that Thom Tillis might be looking at the race also– and that he might be able to take the primary on the first ballot (30 percent of the vote required). Remain mindful that the state GOP allows unaffiliated voters to participate in its primaries.

So we have two certain and/or likely candidates– Robinson and Folwell. But we also might possibly have Walker and/or Tillis.

The media/left complex hates Robinson, but I like him and what he has to say. He talks often about the Constitution, but the only voting record we can consult is from his time serving on the State Board of Education. This is one key responsibility for the office of Lt. Governor.

Folwell has waged a courageous battle against the state’s corrupt hospital systems. He has a searchable voting record from the time he served in the General Assembly. But he has offered considerable substance during his time as State Treasurer.

Both of these men need to be vetted further. But it would be absolutely tragic if worthless Tillis were to enter the race.


6 thoughts on “GOP NC Gubernatorial Primary: Robinson vs. Folwell vs…

  1. Two excellent candidates. The voters will sort it out. May the best man win and then beat Stein.

  2. I believe the State can hardly do wrong with either Robinson or Falwell; can hardly do right with Tillis. Walker is weak in my opinion.

    1. John, thanks for commenting. Hope you are well. I think the process of comparing and contrasting Robinson and Folwell is difficult, but people are going to have to make a decision, it appears.

  3. It’s a shame that several stellar ppl seem to run for the same office and leave other offices in the hands of scoundrels and corruptocrats. We have enough good people (Tillis and Walker NOT being among them) to cover every office in this state, if we would just spread the “wealth” around.

    1. Great to hear from you, Lynn. The pattern has often been, as you know, that multiple conservatives run in primaries and divide the conservative vote, paving the way for a moderate/progressive Republican to prevail. I agree with you that it is unfortunate Robinson and Folwell are running against each other– Folwell has a proven track record, and Robinson seems to be a good man with a compelling presence. As you suggest, it might be good to have both of them in important positions.

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