Summerfield Transformation Plan Killed, then Resurrected

We had last written about David Couch’s plan to develop Summerfield with oodles of multifamily housing units when the town zoning board approved his plan. It was subsequently (and mercifully) killed by the Town Council.

But the developer is resourceful. He is now trying to get the North Carolina General Assembly to “de-annex” the land from Summerfield. A good report was published yesterday in the Triad Business Journal.

It turns out that Couch has secured the lobbying services of a former aide to Senator President Pro Tempore Phil Berger. The article explains:

Pat Ryan, a former aide to N.C State Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger who now has a public relations firm in Raleigh, is representing Couch’s interests. Berger issued a statement over the weekend about the Villages of Summerfield Farms that at least in some ways seems to support Couch.

Sen. Berger, a Republican from Eden, represents parts of Guilford and Rockingham counties in the N.C. Senate.

“I don’t know if the plans submitted by a local developer should or should not be approved by the local board,” Sen. Berger said in a statement released Monday.

“What I do know is the Triad is attracting billions of dollars in new economic development, and as our area continues to grow, additional housing is urgently needed so the nurses, teachers, first responders and construction workers our area relies on can live in the communities they serve.”

Ryan would not confirm that his client is seeking the legislature’s help but said there is extensive precedent for deannexation.

The article goes on to suggest that we vitally need multifamily housing in Summerfield despite the fact that the Triad has numerous other cities, small towns and rural areas where development could take place. Indeed, much infill development has been taking place in Greensboro, and this is exporting East Greensboro’s crime to other parts of the city.

Of course, the article introduces a racial angle by suggesting that the price of housing in Summerfield currently excludes African Americans. We therefore need to build lots of multifamily there, according to the logic employed, to make it more affordable for that particular group. Why not build more multifamily in east Greensboro to bring housing prices down?

And of course, those who already reside in Summerfield– and who invested in that community because it offered what they wanted– are left out in the cold. Those who have been there for generations are also disregarded.

It would be quite an indictment if the Republicans in Raleigh advance this de-annexation. Mr. Couch has adopted the posture of a scoundrel in the eyes of Summerfield residents; and while the GOP might naturally favor developers because of the campaign contributions they tend to throw around, facilitating his plans would be a downright shame. It would begin the process of ruining a very nice area. And it would be the Republicans’ fault.


11 thoughts on “Summerfield Transformation Plan Killed, then Resurrected

  1. When I moved to Greensboro in 1983 , one of my co-workers lived in Summerfield . At that time it was a quiet bucolic community. Times are ‘a changing I guess. Kill them all and God will sort them out.

      1. This is the problem. Republicans are all about the money/revenue, and the “business”. Democrats are all about discrimination and wokeness. No one speaks for We the People. *THIS* is exactly why that mean-tweeting, orangeman bad Trump will be back as POTUS soon…. because even tho he is a billionaire, he speaks for us.

      2. You are so wrong . Good mix of both. Mostly people who recognize we have flooded schools from elementary to high school with no solution in sight. Summerfield residents do not see a need to fund an unnecessary project mr couch wants to shove down our community. Stop playing the political and race card! Either party , republican or democratic can be bought and sold. We the people have no say anymore . Perhaps summerfield is willing to point out the facts, we simply do not need this development at this time. Summerfield is diverse population of hard working families who chose to live here because of the area.David couch financial dream and business plans are not welcome unless he is gonna offer up land for new schools to stop the overcrowding .

    1. What about other minorities, why is the focus on Black people? As an African-American homeowner living in Summerfield this is disappointing. The developer can build smaller home types right now (townhomes, quadplexes, duplexes, carriage homes) but instead, he wants state legislators to get involved so he can build what he wants to build and how he wants to build it. He’s doing a disservice to those of any race who would love to purchase a smaller, more affordable home here by prolonging this process. I hope his staff, builders, and other contractors are as diverse as he suggests he’d like The Villages of Summerfield Farms to be. He’s using the race card and it’s not a good look for him. Stay tuned.

      1. Thanks, Carla. Anyone who has worked and saved to the extent they have purchased a home– in an area they consider desirable– does not want the area to be torn to pieces. It is good that we have places like that, and that people can aspire to living in such areas. For those concerned about “affordable housing” and aspiring to build multi-family, they can do it in cities where it won’t change the character of the place. They don’t need to spoil areas that provide alternatives.

        1. This is somewhat interesting. If you were to look into Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030 and COP21 you would find that one of the goals is to urbanize the rural communities. David Couch’s wife is the daughter of a well known alt media gentleman (whom I am a fan of) that warns and speaks very in depth on these issues. So Mr. Couch is partaking in the very same thing that his father-in-law speaks out against.
          Mr. Couch, if you read this thread, sit down with Steve and let him inform you on the issues.

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