Why are Pediatricians Turning Down Unvaccinated Patients?

I had been hearing some rumblings over the last year that it was becoming a common practice for pediatricians’ offices to refuse to accept patients who are not vaccinated or whose parents do not agree to have them vaccinated. And I am not talking about the Covid vaccines necessarily, but ALL the vaccines on the recommended pediatric immunization list.

This is a big deal.

An e-mail listserv with which I participate had the following comment from a physician in Florida:

“Blue Cross Blue Shield pays pediatricians a $40,000 bonus for fully
vaccinating 100 patients under the age of 2.

“But here’s the catch: Under Blue Cross Blue Shield’s rules,
pediatricians lose the whole bonus unless at least 63% of patients are
fully vaccinated, and that includes the flu vaccine. So it’s not just $400
on your child’s head–it could be the whole bonus.

“Still think they have your best interest in mind?”

More information is found at this site.

Different states have different Blue Cross Blue Shield plans. A policy in one state might not be applicable in other states.

However, within the field of health care, administrative bandwagons form. Certain policies and procedures rapidly spread and proliferate after being affirmed as the “enlightened” path.

I think it is a massive ethical breach to refuse to treat or help patients based on vaccination status.


2 thoughts on “Why are Pediatricians Turning Down Unvaccinated Patients?

  1. My child raising days are over. I know that my children and my grandchildren had the full range of pediatric vaccinations list BUT no COVID not now not ever.

    I think Physicians should be free to treat patients they choose. It is a shame they are on the horn of this dilemma.

    1. Fred, one aspect of this that some do not appreciate is that there are MANY more vaccines for kids now than there were years ago. The numbers of vaccines are astonishing. Some parents are concerned that kids are being harmed. This should not be forced upon them– by governmental entities or pediatricians’ offices.

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