Are We Under Attack?

More people are asking this question over the last couple of days.

Today, a uranium processing facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee caught fire. It is called the Y-12 National Security Complex– a federal Department of Energy facility.

This is part of a pattern. We have seen food plants, chicken farms, other industrial facilities and electrical substations catch fire or otherwise get attacked during recent months. It seems be happening much more than we have had in the past. I will leave it up to the reader as to whether we are seeing more of this type of event these days, or whether we are merely noticing it to a greater extent.

In addition, we have seen “UFO’s” enter our air space.

Who would have the motive to cause destruction or to penetrate our air space?

  1. The Russians in retaliation for our attacking the Nord Stream pipeline and for our waging war against them;
  2. The Chinese for our beginning to kill their golden goose;
  3. The Deep State;
  4. The Islamists;
  5. The oligarchical globalists;
  6. Antifa and other radical Marxist organizations, many of which espouse violence; and/or
  7. Other Americans who are spiritually lost.

Note it is possible that more than one of these forces could theoretically be at work; and that they could be working together.

It would be good to know what is truly happening.


2 thoughts on “Are We Under Attack?

  1. All of these events seem to be unrelated. Seeking an explanation is understandable . Coincidental, unlikely .

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