It Looks Like Our Government Bombed Russia’s Nord Stream Pipeline

This is a story that has received virtually no coverage in the mainstream media. You therefore might not know about it.

Seymour Hersh, a journalist with many decades of experience, has reported that Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline was sabotaged by our own federal government. The Biden White House, the CIA and the Pentagon were reportedly involved. Jake Sullivan– Biden’s national security advisor– played a lead role.

It should be noted that Hersh is a lefty journalist. He had worked for the Associated Press and the New York Times. He was the guy who first reported on the My Lai incident during the Vietnam War and the Abu Ghraib matter during the war in Iraq. The national media was overjoyed to report his stories back then. But this time, it’s different. Everything is very hush-hush.

This entire effort had been previously promised by the Biden Administration. Both Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland in the State Department— the instigator of the current issues in Ukraine– had previously suggested that the pipeline would be targeted.

They are pushing us headlong into military conflict with Russia. This is a mistake of epic proportions.

Our actions were not justified by any stretch of the imagination. Russia had been very careful to refrain from committing acts of war against the United States even though we had been waging a proxy war against them in Ukraine.

Moreover, this action jeopardized energy supplies for the European continent. A cold winter would have created great hardship in Europe, but thankfully this winter has been mercifully mild. Europeans nonetheless ought to be outraged that Biden jacked up their energy costs dramatically– and unnecessarily. Biden committed an act of war against Europe also– not just Russia.

I believe Mr. Hersh’s reporting on this matter. Note that his reporting had previously targeted military efforts that were opposed by the political left. He is now telling the truth about war-making that has been embraced by the left.

I think our nation needs a lot of prayer right now. Our leaders are determined to lead large numbers of young men and women to their graves– in myriad ways. But offering them as sacrificial lambs for a war effort that has nothing to do with our national interest should have been preventable. Let’s hope God fixes this, because we have fools leading us.


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  1. There is little doubt that the US did this sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline. What climate hypocrisy . That explosion leaked from one of four rupture points 22,920 kilograms per hour. That is equivalent to burning about 630,000 pounds of coal every hour . And that is a lot of private jets and SUVs.

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