Trump vs. DeSantis

Many observers feel it is likely that Ron DeSantis will run for President. Trump obviously doesn’t want that.

An interesting post elsewhere made the case that DeSantis is a globalist. It cites his advocating for an interventionist foreign policy; his support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership; his support for green energy; and his equivocal immigration record. It also cites certain relationships he has with other folks.

The post claimed that Trump called him a globalist.

We need to understand, however, that DeSantis is a Freedom Caucus guy, and has governed like one in Florida. That means he is considerably more conservative than the average establishment Republican. It must be noted however, that the establishment seems to want DeSantis to run, presumably to avert a Trump nomination.

Perhaps it might be appropriate to compare Trump and DeSantis side-by-side. Which is strongest on the various aspects of conservatism?

Social/ cultural conservativism: Advantage DeSantis (although Trump delivered on Roe v. Wade)

Constitutional conservativism: Advantage DeSantis

Economic/ limited government conservatism: Advantage DeSantis

Globalism/ trade/ immigration: Advantage Trump (although he was slow to deliver on immigration during his first presidency)

National security conservatism: Advantage Trump (DeSantis might turn out to be more interventionist, whereas Trump would be more selective about interventions while projecting power).

DeSantis is more conservative. The GOP establishment might be using him to get rid of Trump, as noted above. The risk is that, if he were to succeed, they would then proceed to undermine him just as they did with Trump.

I expect the Constitution Party candidate will be better than the both of them. But one possible outcome might be a Trump-DeSantis ticket.

I sure hope the VP slot is not being reserved for Nikki Haley.


6 thoughts on “Trump vs. DeSantis

  1. An interesting dilemma. We will have to wait and then choose. I would be satisfied with either of them.

    And oh yes, no Niki Haley.

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