Absence of Reporting on Al Sharpton’s Greensboro Visit

I had been scanning the websites of the News and Record, Triad City Beat, Yes!Weekly, WFMY, WGHP and even the Carolina Peacemaker over the last couple of days. I did not see even one story about Al Sharpton’s visit to Greensboro on Tuesday. Recall that he was to speak at the civil rights museum about his book.

Is it possible that these news outlets did not want to publicize the fact that the civil rights museum and the local black leadership were going to be fawning over Sharpton? Recall that he is a very polarizing figure with a national reputation. But in fact, he is much worse than “polarizing”.

It causes me to remember when the Rev. Jeremiah Wright visited Greensboro approximately nine years ago. He was to speak at a local black church. Recall that he was Obama’s pastor at a United Church of Christ church in Chicago; and had been captured on videotape preaching like a raving maniac, and cursing our country. The local media did not cover that visit, either, at least according to my recollection.

After leaving Greensboro, Sharpton went to the funeral in Memphis for the young black man who died at the hands of five black police officers. Check out the following video segment at that funeral, in which he makes the absurd claim that increased police attention in black neighborhoods is somehow a reflection of bias. Never mind that the crime rates are much higher in these areas; and that many more young black lives are lost to crime than those taken during interactions with police. Moreover, he conveniently omits the fact that white criminals are dealt with, in many cases, MORE severely than black criminals, because officers tend to be more restrained dealing with black criminals– fully cognizant of the consequences if they step out of line dealing with this protected group. Yet, those present at the funeral viscerally responded in agreement with Sharpton:


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    1. Yes, we had reported here a couple of days ago about the Rhino report, but that was in advance of the appearance. Nobody was actually at the appearance to report what happened and what was discussed, and how everyone acted.

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