10% Stop Attending Church After Pandemic

An interesting report seems to indicate that approximately 10% of those who attended church prior to the pandemic stopped attending after the pandemic. (I would have predicted that the drop-off would have been even greater than 10%).

But if the planners of the pandemic response were intending to undermine churches– and it seems this was likely one of their objectives– then they were fairly successful in that regard.

In addition, the report suggests that only 33% of Americans attend church services regularly. And among those who attend, of course, many are attending churches that are not biblical. That means far fewer than 33% attend biblical churches.

It is no wonder that so many perceive (correctly) the degree of evil and demonic activity that seems to be prevailing these days.


3 thoughts on “10% Stop Attending Church After Pandemic

  1. There were a few encouraging signs ( such as those never attending jumped over the last two years ) in the study but not many.

    Say what you will about them but not surprisingly Mormons reported little change in patterns of church attendance ( Regularly pre-pandemic… 70% versus Spring of 2022… 72% ).

    If we have faith then we should pray for America every day.

      1. I would add, Fred , that it was absolutely foolhardy for church decision-makers to decide to keep their churches closed for prolonged periods. That would ensure that some people would never come back– because they might find another church, because they had established new habits, or because they felt antagonized or betrayed by keeping the churches shuttered.

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