Look at What the World Health Organization is Brewing

This is a direct assault on Americans’ ability to control their own public health decisions. Biden would be more than happy to sign on to this dark, globalist scheme.

American Thinker (HT: DL):

Just this week, the World Health Organization is putting the finishing touches on a set of amendments to its International Health Regulations that seek to further weaken American sovereignty and empower bureaucrats in faraway, foreign offices to bully ordinary Americans in the name of “health.”  The Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit dedicated to religious freedom, has done an excellent job going through the forty-six pages of proposed amendments to highlight a few of the most obscene:

– In Article 1, the WHO is transformed from an advisory body to a governing body whose “standing recommendations” may be legally binding.

– In Article 3, the agency seeks to remove any formal limitations upon its power formerly requiring it to maintain “respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons,” and instead replaces this language with a Marxist commitment to “principles of equity, inclusivity, [and] coherence.”

– In Article 13A, the WHO’s director general is empowered to redistribute wealth from advanced nations to poorer nations.

– In Article 18, the WHO is empowered to mandate treatments, proof of vaccination, contact tracing, and quarantines.

– Throughout the forty-six pages of proposals, the WHO creates the institutional structure for digital vaccine passports.

– In Article 45, the WHO is empowered to disclose personal health data.

– In Annex 1, the WHO is empowered to censor what it determines to be misinformation or disinformation.

At the end of the day, who watches WHO(m)?


2 thoughts on “Look at What the World Health Organization is Brewing

  1. The US should be very careful before ceding its sovereignty. I ask because I don’t know .. but doesn’t a treaty need Senate approval ?

    Here is Tucker Carlson on the corrupt World Health Organization.


    1. Yes, I would think it requires Senate approval, but the Senate is SO bad, including the GOP members, I suppose it might get approved. But it would be a huge violation of our constitutional order.

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