4 thoughts on “What Have Biden and the CCP Been Trying to Do to Future Generations?

  1. I guess we will never know, of course , unless it is too late. Or when traitors are prosecuted , if ever.

    However Biden is compromised and a tool of the CCP. The classified documents found at the Penn-Biden Center give us even more insight into this cabal. There’s more to this story, a lot more, and it ain’t pretty for the Biden cartel.

    Constructing a probable timeline here is easy and one needs only to consider one or two possibilities. The “lawyers” Biden dispatched to his old office at the Penn-Biden Center do not sound like “Government lawyers” but private ones. After all, Biden was a private citizen when he occupied that office.

    Chances are someone in the WH directed GSA to move the president’s belongings from the BP Center to the WH and the GSA movers, skilled and knowledgeable in such important work, noticed immediately that there were hot items in the move and called back to their WH point of contact to say that they found classified materials.

    That created a crisis in which because the records were in a private location and belonged to Biden when he was a private citizen and had no right to them or to store them, the decision was made that Biden’s “lawyers” would move in, not look at the materials (yeah, right) and send them toute de suite to the Archives.

    End of story, full stop, period! Except…there are felonies here that need to be investigated: Hunter’s laptop and the use of the office at PBC for the Biden crime family activities and the money laundering escapades by University of PA (“Penn State”) that received $50 million from China and gave a million dollars in salary to Joe Biden when he was employed as head of the Penn-Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement.

    Some like using movie lines for dramatic effect. I prefer Dr. Seuss: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” (I Can Read With My Eyes Shut by Dr. Seuss)

    One of those places for Joe and Hunter, et al., may (should) be Leavenworth.

        1. TCfan, contrary to popular belief, USC is a private school, not public. And do you remember Carol Folt, the UNC-CH Chancellor who presided over the collapse and removal of the on-campus statue? USC is where she went to lead after she left Chapel Hill.

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