Richmond Digs Up Grave of Confederate General

The city of Richmond has been on a mission to erase and expunge Southern history. It has ruined Monument Avenue– which used to be one of the most beautiful urban thoroughfares anywhere. And now, it has desecrated the grave of a well-known Civil War general.

The monument to General A.P. Hill had been located at a given intersection. Beneath the monument was his grave; and this was the last monument to be removed within the city of Richmond. The workers at the site excavated and found his casket decayed. The general’s remains were apparently then delivered to his descendants.

I was fortunate enough to attend medical school in Richmond during the 1980’s. It was a beautiful city back then. But now it has become a cultural Marxist hellhole.

We look at the state of our country and wonder what happened. Many conservatives trace the roots of our current problems back to the Progressive Era during the early twentieth century. But in fact, some historians and analysts point back to what Lincoln did during the Civil War era. That was the beginning of the unraveling of our Constitution– and the country itself.

Now we have a fake president openly celebrating the passage of LGBTQ+ legislation on the White House lawn with Republican support. This did not occur in a vacuum. Instead, it is the latest manifestation of a concerted attack that has been taking place over a long period of time.


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  1. Excerpt from Reverend Doctor J. William Jones at the unveiling of the A. P. Hill memorial from the Richmond Dispatch May 31, 1892….

    Mr. President (Thomas Brander), Comrades of the Army of Northern Virginia, Soldiers of the Confederacy, ladies and Gentlemen—If the personal allusion may be pardoned, I will say that I count myself one of the happiest, if not the happiest, man in all this vast crowd assembled here today.
    Always happy to greet the men who wore the gray—for if there is one man on earth whom I honor and love above another it is the true Confederate soldier—I delight to mingle in reunions of the survivors of every army of the Confederacy as they gather from Maryland to Texas.
    But it is for me always a peculiar pleasure to attend a Confederate gathering in historic, battle-scarred, heroic old Richmond, and to mingle with men who followed Lee and Jackson and Longstreet, and Ewell, and A. P. Hill (great applause) and “Jeb” Stuart; the men who composed the Army of Northern Virginia, the noblest army of heroic patriots that ever marched under any flag, or fought for any cause “in all the tide of time.”
    And yet a still greater happiness is mine to-day, for as I look out on this crowd I see the faces of forms of men, by whose side I have marched along the weary road, bivouacked in the pelting storm, or went into the leaden and iron hail of battle—the men of the noble old Thirteenth Virginia Regiment, and the grand old Third Corps assembled to honor themselves by doing honor to our peerless leader—the brave and accomplished soldier, the chivalric Virginia gentleman, the devoted patriot, the martyr hero of our dying cause, “gallant and glorious Little Powell Hill.”
    I am only to introduce the fitly-chosen orator of the day, and I shall not, of course, be guilty of the gross impropriety of attempting a speech myself, but I am sure that you will pardon me if I say just this: Richmond is fast becoming the “Monumental City.”
    Her peerless Washington surrounded by his compatriots of the revolution of ’76—her Lee—her Jackson—her Wickham —her monument to “the true hero” of the war, the private soldier, now being erected—her monument to “the flower of cavaliers” dashing, glorious Jeb. Stuart, which is to be erected in the near future—and the projected grand monument to our noble Christian president, soldier, statesman, orator, patriot—Jefferson Davis—all these will teach our children’s children that these men were not “rebels” and not “traitors” but as true patriots as the world ever saw.

  2. For a real picture of what is going on, and the individuals involved, just look at the deconstruction guy Patrick Lindsey, Mayor Stoney’s buddy, who tweeted out his opinions of his taking down General A.P. Hill’s grave and monument – as though he were fighting a live person. All those commenting on Twitter from the political Left act as though they have accomplished some righteous cause, rather than destroying the commemoration of a century of reconciliation and military honors of American heroes who rebuilt our country after having defended hearth and home…. of widows and orphans, largely, who sacrificed their dimes and pennies so that the South might honor some of its defenders, whilst the North had been busy building huge shrines to its heroes.

    And the blood descendants of General A.P. Hill post, in response to the haters and destroyers, their messages of love and care against the tyrants and exploiters. That all this is happening to destroy our country for ALL Americans, to make them hate history, and to permanently enshrine that European eugenics racial poison for those who are being lied to about all of this is a massive, century-long work of the devil and those who serve the Father of Lies.

    1. Thanks for the great comments, Catherine. The contemporary left conjures up a false sense of righteousness in connection with the implementation of their ideology to compensate for the fact that they tend to be deficient on the true source of righteousness. But as you point out, they hurt many people along the way– and they are glad to do so. And you are absolutely correct that they are motivated by Satan.

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