Vijaya Twitter Power

There have been numerous revelations with the releases of information from Twitter directed by Elon Musk. One example is that a certain key Twitter employee– Vijaya Gadde– led the effort to censor certain stories, information, writers and organizations.

The impetus was to prevent certain points of view from being disseminated. She did this during the run-up to the 2020 election and thereafter. She was obviously helping the socialists in a systematic way; and, in fact, she is described as a key ringleader of this effort.

Gadde is an attorney, and filled that role at a high level within the organization. She was “General Counsel and head of legal policy”.

What is her background?

She is 48 years old. She was born in India and was brought to this country at age 3.

That is a major issue.

I don’t care much for Twitter. But it has enormous influence within the political/ media environment. It is a major force that influences the way people think, and the way information is shared with the public.

This is a woman who was not even born in the United States. Her parents spent much of their lives in India. This is a family unit that had not yet been fully assimilated and acculturated to the American way.

Did Ms. Gadde have a valid, deep understanding of our founding, the American experiment, the Constitution, our cultural heritage, the basis for our Republic and how it is supposed to work? Of course not. There is no way she could have, regardless of the amount of education she received.

People who are at such a high level of responsibility in our society need to be “natural born Americans”– i.e., they need to have had both parents born in the United States.

It was a major, intentional mistake for Twitter to allow her to take this undoubtedly lucrative position and leave devastation in her wake. But the technology companies love to hire folks who are from China and India. This is part of the culture of the technology industry.

The fact that this industry is now at the top of the heap– and that it is to a great extent staffed with people who harbor a foreign mindset– tells you all you need to know. This needs to be fixed.


4 thoughts on “Vijaya Twitter Power

  1. Well, TC, it has been fixed. To wit, Vijaya has been exited from Twitter. (How she got to where she was is a moot question) And so has Jim Baker ( FBI Jim Baker ). Good riddance to bad garbage.

    1. Yes, Roth is gone also, and he was a disaster. I think there is a lesson to be learned in the case of Vijaya. Someone like her should never ascend to such a high position of responsibility in our country. If conservatives want to “conserve” anything, we need to understand how that becomes impossible when key decision-makers do not fully embrace the American idea because their families have not been here long enough. If the onion were unpeeled, many would be surprised at the degree of contempt for things we hold dear among those within this population.

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