There He Goes Again…

Thom Tillis is pushing another amnesty scheme. This is his way of undermining the rule of law and the country’s ability to enforce its borders for the benefit of its citizens. After all, if you give these people a pass, more will feel the incentive to come understanding they will also be given a pass at a later date.

Thom Tillis may be one of the most dishonorable people to ever represent the state of North Carolina in the US Senate.


6 thoughts on “There He Goes Again…

  1. Comment from the Washington Post:

    “No point in more funding for “border security” when the Biden administration orders CBP and ICE to release most illegal aliens into the US and prohibits them from detaining/deporting almost everyone. Remember–Mayorkas and Harris have been telling us the border is “secure”–even as more than 2 million illegal aliens, a record, were encountered by CBP and more than a million released into the US. Just what metrics are there for measuring “border security” and evaluating how effective the funding is at “securing” the border?”

    **** I don’t think there is enough support to overcome a filibuster****


    From PJ Media… Read the whole thing:


    “One of the characteristics of this nation that people like to brag about is that we’re a “nation of immigrants.” That’s a nice thing to be proud of, but we’re also a nation of laws. We need to honor those laws, too. If an immigrant wants to become part of this “nation of immigrants,” he or she should abide by our laws, and that starts with coming to this country legally.

    An immigration policy starts with enforcing the immigration laws that are already on the books before we try to enact more. A bill like the one Tillis and Sinema are proposing is worse than no immigration reform at all. We can only hope that it won’t get enough traction to pass.”

  3. I hope Lee Haywood and all the rest of those folks on the “endorsement committee” are proud of themselves. We knew. We had the info in our hands.

    1. We DID know, Lynn. This might seem almost sacrilegious to those within the GOP, but it might have been better to lose that election and win it 6 years later with someone better, than to win it with Tillis during 2014. It has already been eight years, and we might be paying the price associated with his getting elected for many years more. I hope not!

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