Tillis Supports Escalation in Ukraine by Providing Armed Drones

The desire is to “turn the tide” against Russia.

This call comes on the heels of his once again betraying his GOP base by supporting same-sex marriage even without concomitant religious liberty protections– a move that has attracted the negative attention of the Family Research Council in Washington.

Tillis fails to point out what legitimate American interests are being served by involvement in Ukraine.


2 thoughts on “Tillis Supports Escalation in Ukraine by Providing Armed Drones

  1. Memo to Senator Thom Tillis :

    There Are No Core U.S. National Interests at Stake in Ukraine

    Ordinary Americans can be forgiven for thinking Ukraine must be especially meaningful for U.S. foreign policy.

    by William Ruger

    SOMEBODY HAS to say it: the war in Ukraine does not materially affect the permanent national interests of the United States or the geopolitical landscape in which we advance those interests. This conclusion—for good or bad or anywhere in-between—shouldn’t significantly impact the future of U.S. foreign policy. The war may tug on our heartstrings for sure, but it should not dissuade us from making the necessary changes to our grand strategy that position our country for long-run success, like our recent withdrawal from Afghanistan. These changes include increasing our focus on China as our most important strategic competitor, extricating ourselves from Europe and the Middle East, and emphasizing domestic renewal over ostensible altruism abroad.

    However, there are important lessons for the future of U.S. foreign policy that can be learned from the conflict, especially regarding the offense-defense balance and Russia’s revealed conventional capability. But these aren’t the ones that you’ll hear from the foreign policy establishment, which will always spin positive outcomes or trouble overseas as reasons to redouble our commitment to the primacist status quo they favor.

    Heads, I win; tails, you lose.


    Here read the whole thing:


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