What Will Happen in North Carolina Regarding Abortion?

It was recently reported that North Carolina has had a 37% increase in abortions since the decision overturning Roe v. Wade, presumably because women are traveling here to get their abortions. That is, in fact, being encouraged. Our liberal mainline Presbyterian governor, Roy Cooper, is making sure of that.

What will the Republican-controlled General Assembly do? A couple of articles at Carolina Journal provide clues. Phil Berger, who leads the Senate GOP, is discussing the possibility of a ban after 12 weeks with exceptions. Tim Moore, the House Speaker, favor a “heartbeat bill” approach. This would ban abortions after roughly 6 weeks. It is interesting that Moore is discussing a more restrictive bill than Berger.

But another article makes it clear that the GOP does not possess a veto-proof majority in the House; and that the support of at least one of the few remaining moderate Democrats would be required. Remain mindful that there are moderate Republican legislators also. While Cooper’s veto is much less safe than it used to be, conditions for the best outcome still are not necessarily present.

Conservative Christians need to engage with their legislators in the General Assembly if they want to see this mess cleaned up– and unborn lives saved– in North Carolina.


2 thoughts on “What Will Happen in North Carolina Regarding Abortion?

  1. Not to worry. As weak as you think the GOP legislature is, I trust that some very restrictive bill will be passed and if vetoed by Cooper it will be overridden .

    1. It will be interesting to watch this unfold. How restrictive a bill will the leaders permit? Will any of the GOP moderates vote against the bill decided upon? Will they capture the votes of any socialist Democrats? Cooper has exerted firm discipline over the socialist legislators, and they have tended to pay certain consequences if they split with him.

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