What Explains Trump’s Blind Spot on the Covid Vaccines and His “RINO” Endorsements?

Tom Renz was a fairly considerable figure who spoke out effectively during the Covid pandemic. He discusses at length one key Trump aide– Susie Wiles– who he states leads his PAC and who also acts as his scheduler, thereby controlling his appointments. He says she is part of the consultant […]

Randall Terry Gets Constitution Party Nod For President

Mr. Terry is profoundly pro-life. He founded and used to lead the organization Operation Rescue that sought to intervene with young women in front of abortion clinics to prevent abortions. He was somewhat of a trailblazer in this respect. Terry ‘s candidacy for president is motivated by the abortion issue. […]

Why Tim Scott Should Not Be Trump’s VP Candidate

Yesterday, WRAL reported that Thomas Farr passed away on Monday. He was a GOP-affiliated election law attorney who had been nominated by President Trump for a federal judgeship in eastern North Carolina. However, he did not survive the Senate confirmation process. Why? South Carolina GOP Senator Tim Scott decided to […]