Greensboro Most LGBT Friendly City In NC

The Rhino Times reports that the Human Rights Campaign has rated the city of Greensboro as “perfect”– scoring 100%– with its metrics used to describe various municipalities on LGBT issues.

This approach toward being LGBT-friendly began nearly 20 years ago when Keith Holliday was mayor. The first move was to grant “domestic partner benefits” to city employees. I suspect this was likely at the behest of lesbian police officers.

But the slippery slope argument prevails on this issue. Once an inch was given, it quickly became all-encompassing.

Given the fact that our local political class is bereft of ethics and morality and integrity, it is unsurprising this would be its approach. But the responsibility for this situation ultimately belongs to the citizens who elect them. It is a reflection upon them also.


2 thoughts on “Greensboro Most LGBT Friendly City In NC

  1. Yes, elections have consequences. So what should we expect ?

    In a 5-4 decision the SCOTUS (Obergefell v. Hodges) ruled that the fundamental right to marry is guaranteed to same-sex couples.

    After that it was Katy bar the door. Period !

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