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TC: I watched the last 40 minutes of the video. It is all very interesting but over my head in the weeds. I did perk up when I heard the term " Fast Ballot Counting " .
Jon did say Phillips and the FBI found no evidence of mischief so I guess I am perplexed as to what is there.

Philips mentioned a lady from NC who went to China . If you know, who was she and why did she go to China ?

Has this information found any traction in the MSM ?

Thanks for sharing.

The answers to your questions are as follows: I don't know who the lady is and why she went to China; and I am not aware of this finding even one iota of traction in the MSM.

I think the mere demonstration that there is a link between election software in the US and a server in China (to which the CCP has access) is a very big deal. That ought to raise a million red flags (pardon the pun) and it ought to trigger enormous levels of concern.

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