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Powerful. And from a Kennedy. Thanks for sharing.

What he is saying is so true, Fred. This is one of the hallmarks of civilization-- that adults make sacrifices for the benefit of children. It is what happens when families are functioning properly.

Children have been suffering because of the lockdowns and restrictions on activities and disrupted school routines aand the masking. It has been happening for nearly two years. And now state and federal officials and the large hospital systems are trying to kill off the children, teens and young adults with vaccines they don't need. It is downright criminal.

And I heard from one source it was regarded as necessary to enable the liability protections for the vaccine manufacturers.

And Fred, I am not sure I know many elderly folks who would require or expect that children give up so much-- or even put their own lives at risk-- to give the elderly a few more months or years to live. (And frankly, I am not sure that would necessarily be an effective strategy even if they did want that!)

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