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A brave jury

I agree, Fred. They did the right thing, and I suspect they will be absolutely fine.


The international organization of Black Lives Matter (And White Lives Don’t) has unanimously selected Kyle Rittenhouse who only last week was acquitted of the killing of two men and wounding a third during the peaceful torching, sabotaging, and looting of Kenosha, WI, in August 2020 by church-going youth, as head of its global empire.

In addition, George Zimmerman has been named Director of Cracka’ Outreach by the pacifist organization, according to sources who also asserted that Zimmerman’s office will be outfitted with life-size statues of Trayvon Martin and OJ Simpson, both of which are currently being sculpted by the same artist who designed and created the Titanic and likenesses of George Floyd who, as you know unless you were hiding in a cave in Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay, died by a knee-to-the-neck by a Minneapolis police officer in May 2020 and whose number of icons has now surpassed 5,800 bronze, marble, clay, and reclaimed plywood now scattered across the United States – excluding the city of Floyd, VA – and parts of Antarctica where Emperor penguins have been discovered creating likenesses of Floyd from ice, snow, and plastic from assorted six-pack rings of Samuel Adams Winter Lager, Coors Light, and Bud Ice.

“Kyle is the kind of young man who we hold in high esteem,” said Patrice Khan-Cullors, the ex-executive director of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation who issued a statement from one of her four, multimillion dollar Marxist estates which according to Zillow real estate estimates are now collectively worth more than the entire GDP of Tonga and Vermont.

“Being a communist, anti-Semite, anti-white, anti-Zionist, and anti-American doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the fruits of others’ labors while I take care of the roses in my gardens,” she commented liltingly and rhapsodically while at the same time voicing her approval of Rittenhouse’s actions by declaring, “What a great shot Kyle is! Too bad he wasn’t with us in Ferguson.”

Khan-Cullors stepped down from her position as head of the organization, a controversial move some say, to devote much of her time, she claimed, to build a worldwide network of BLM/Marxist/Islamist Homes for Israeli and Jewish Orphans (BLMIHIJO). Colleagues suspect she grabbed some cash from the BLM till to begin to build its first orphanage on the South Side of Chicago where she announced, “The kids will be safe in that neighborhood.” Other homes, she said, are being planned for Khartoum, Tehran, and Havana.

After accepting the top-dog position, Rittenhouse exclaimed, “Wow! Anyone in the club named Rosenbaum?”

What a hoot, Fred...

...although the incident in Wisconsin yesterday reinforces the perception that these folks are vicious and vindictive and murderous.

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