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Which NC hospital system is it?

James, I suspect that more than one of them have done this; but if you click the links embedded within the post above, you might be provided a clue.

They deny the efficacy of Ivermectin and push killer drugs like remdesivir. And then they have the gall to ridicule practical ppl who seek the "horse paste" Ivermectin at the farm store, because there is no other way to get it. This is medical malpractice, and doctors who do this are undermining themselves, because patients will never trust them again. Making your own bed, docs. Hope it's a comfy one for you when the truth is PUBLICLY revealed.

I agree, Lynn. What has been going on is absolutely evil. But it is also based in part on ignorance on the part of many folks, including doctors and many others in positions of responsibility and authority.

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