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Several states have banned the Marxist Critical Race Theory from being taught in public schools, Tennessee being the latest. Phil Berger call your office.

And Imprimis has an excellent essay on this subject :


Fred, it is becoming increasingly clear that the NC GOP is not nearly as bold or as conservative as what we are seeing in other states-- on multiple issues. It is really a shame that you have control of the legislature by lopsided majorities and you don't even try to use it.

Add Okla to the list


Yes, Fred, critical race theory is definitely another topic that justifies a legislative ban in Raleigh-- for state government and for government schools at all levels.

I wish they could also ban all the diversity/equity/inclusion forced programs in the public arena AND in the private arena. When they begin talking about these things, they talk about stigmatizing and discriminating AGAINST white people and Christians.

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