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The SCOTUS turned down the PA. challenge. It is over until 2022.

Fred, the big question is what the remedy would be. Note that the socialists have their Jewish lawyer Elias-- the same guy who messed with North Carolina and so many other places-- coordinating their efforts in Arizona to counter what is happening there. They are obviously concerned, and it is still a major league uphill climb for anyone who wants to prove fraud and seek a remedy. It can theoretically happen, but the Marxists will use every outrage in the book to hold on to power.

Exposing the truth is still important, no matter what SCOTUS did or didn't do. We won't be able to remove our illegitimate president, but maybe states like Arizona can rescind their certification of the election. People need to know the truth about Biden's regime and then stop the steal in 2022 and beyond.

Mike I agree for the most part. It is theoretically possible, if massive fraud is demonstrated, that this could reach such a head of steam in multiple states that the Supreme Court-- or the military-- might be forced to act because of any chaos that ensues. Of course, the military is under Biden's control at this point, and we must presume that the election cannot be reversed. Remember-- the socialists fight tenaciously, and the Republicans tend to be a bunch of patsies except when it affects their own direct interests. However, these circumstances are unprecedented, and we cannot know how it will play out.

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