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What in Hades is tempting to Berger and Moore about compromise on expanding Medicaid .

You said there are " rumblings " about this . Any specific sources ?

The marijuana thing is going nowhere.

I hope you are right about marijuana, Fred.

With respect to Medicaid, it is not necessarily Berger or Moore, but instead multiple individual members who have not yet been shot down:


All I can say is stay strong.

Joe, great list, I agree with all of that, but you left out what I think is the most important issue - election integrity. I'm still waiting for the photo ID that we voted for. There's plenty of evidence that the 2020 state elections were corrupt, and now the swamp is trying to take over. Here are a few stories...



Mike, I agree this is very important. Fortunately, the situation in NC was not as bad as the other battleground states. I gather that might be because the GOP leadership won partial victories in federal court against some of the conspiring that Josh Stein did with Marc Elias. If I recall correctly, we are still waiting on the Supreme Court to weigh in on voter ID in North Carolina because, after all, it is already the law but for the lower federal courts. Correct me if I am wrong about that.

I had to look this up because there's so much fake news out there I lost track of it. Pat McCrory signed a law back in 2013 to enact the photo ID requirement, but the left blocked it in court. So then we voted for a constitutional amendment and it passed 55-45, and again the left has been blocking it in court ever since. Democrats know that they can't win fair elections, so they'll do whatever it takes to rig elections. I couldn't find any articles that say this will be in front of SCOTUS. But would that even help? They failed to stop the steal. Why would this be any different?

Good point, Mike. There was actually a news item yesterday that it is right now before a three judge panel in the state courts; but I believe it was supposed to be working its way through the federal courts also. Maybe I am incorrect about the latter point, but that was my recollection.

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