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Thanks to NC Renegade.

Great acting of an historical speech.

What he was saying: Armed resistance is the only course left if we want to maintain our freedom and honor.

The question is what form of resistance is in our future.

TC:Is Gohmert wrong for using this incendiary language ?


Fred, I am not sure I heard anything incendiary from Gohmert. With respect to the form that resistance will take, there are many folks that talk tough, but it remains to be seen what happens, as you seem to suggest.

TC: That was the wrong link

This is the one I was referring to


Fred, I see what you mean. I don't think he was being incendiary, but is merely translating the implication of the court decision in practical terms. The left still has not disavowed BLM or Antifa, by the way. I think there are numerous patriots who are contemplating what they will need to do to save the country and the Constitution. We all have to remain mindful, however, that Trump and the Republicans really do not give us an unvarnished version of conservatism, even if they were to prevail.

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