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You are not exaggerating , TC.

" You need to know who the donors are, and go after them."

My question , is how ?

Fred, it seems to be pretty easy to determine who the donors to BLM are. In the case of Antifa and some of the other fringe groups, perhaps not so easy. But a concerted, determined investigative attempt must be made to determine the evil forces propping up these groups.

It should be fairly easy to find statutes that make it illegal to promote violence and other illegal activities and violent insurrection.

Well if it is possible Bill Barr is the right person . I still think it is a tough road to hoe.

"Prosecutors dismiss looting, rioting charges against hundreds of protesters across U.S."

Protesters arrested for looting or rioting in several American cities appear to have been let off the hook as prosecutors drop charges or new laws put them back out on the streets quickly.

In St. Louis, the District of Columbia, Philadelphia and New York, serious charges against hundreds of people arrested for stealing and torching property have been dismissed. Those dismissals have come from the federal level in the nation’s capital, from district attorneys elected with millions in campaign cash from left-wing activist George Soros, and in New York from a bail reform measure that went into effect this year.

Some of the cases have triggered pushback from other prosecutors. In Missouri, for example, the state attorney general accused St. Louis’ top prosecutor of springing dozens of “looters and rioters,” while a U.S. attorney in Pennsylvania argued the Philadelphia district attorney “has no interest” in holding people accountable for urban destruction.
“Folks are back out on the street and I think it’s shocking,” Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt said of the situation in St. Louis, where a retired police captain was killed defending a friend’s store from looters and at least four other officers were shot.

At least 36 people have been arrested on felony charges related to violent protests in St. Louis since May 29, and every one of them had the charges against them dismissed, according to a St. Louis police department spokesman.

When rioting erupted after demonstrations against the death of George Floyd, a black man, in Minneapolis police custody last week, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner promised, “I will use the full power of the law and my office [against] anyone who harms anyone in my community.”

Since then, however, all looting and rioting charges have been waived. Ms. Gardner was elected in 2016 with substantial financial backing from groups associated with Mr. Soros, who also provided financial support to activists in Ferguson, Missouri, after a black man was fatally shot in an altercation with a police officer there.

And in an unrelated mater of local government neglecting its citizens there is this disturbing 911 call:


Fred, this is the first time I have seen that U.S. Attorneys are standing in the way of law enforcement. Obviously, democratic socialist states and cities are going to be very weak in this regard. You would hope that Republican-led jurisdictions, and especially the US DOJ, would do better. Going after rioters engaging in illegal activity and going after their funders are BOTH important. These are two different tasks, but both should be pursued.

TC: There is no US Attorney standing in the way of law enforcement. You misread part of my comment:

" a U.S. attorney in Pennsylvania argued the ( local ) Philadelphia district attorney “has no interest” in holding people accountable for urban destruction.
“Folks are back out on the street and I think it’s shocking,”

My bad, Fred-- I misinterpreted. We'll see if the US DOJ goes after the big guns funding and directing this insurrection. Going after the street-level punks is one thing, and entirely appropriate. But nailing the real villains is the test.

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