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Very eloquent. Nothing I can add except that God is in charge

Thanks, Fred. Yes, He is.

My only difference with the article is that numerous NC Baptist pastors have been working together, quietly behind the scenes with legal counsel to indeed return to services, some May 3, some May 10. Some have already challenged Sheriffs, police chiefs, Commissioners, NC Reps & Senators and the Governor.

Fred, thanks for sharing the good word. I can't wait to see evidence of that coming to fruition.

Contrary to the post that got me here for comment, I believe distancing is imperative for safety. I am in total agreement with the churches here in Michigan that are staying closed and though our parishioners look forward to the return to worship, they, for the most part, are also in agreement. Our churches need to be filled, and temporarily staying away will assure that in the near future. I talk to God daily, and not having a building to do it in for now, doesn't mean He doesn't hear me or approve. God bless you and yours.

Anne, I appreciate your comments. But I would encourage you to read all of my other posts on this topic over the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, the general public has become absolutely terrorized by the media regarding this epidemic; and that has led some people of faith to be misled by those who are mishandling this situation. And this has helped enable those politicians who have adopted dictatorial, autocratic approaches for their own reasons.

(Unfortunately, "with the Shekels comes the shackles." If a church took money under CARES act, are they allowed to rebel and open up? Or will their funding be taken back?)

Leanne, thanks for the comments. I don't think their funding would be taken away. But "are they allowed to rebel and open up?" I don't think the CARES Act prohibits that; but there are some police and sheriffs offices acting illegally and unconstitutionally that might try to stop churches from doing so, at least in some jurisdictions. This is why it is critical that litigation get moving. There was some discussion about a group of 400 churches getting ready to challenge the governor in court, and I really hope they do so.

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