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Question: The only way to restrain the Governor is in a courtroom ??

That is one way, Fred, at least theoretically. And these situations cry out for litigation. But with our checks-and-balances system, the General Assembly has a lot of power. And the Republicans who control it are not even trying to use it.

I believe the General Assembly is set to convene in April. I am confident that the Majority Leadership will use the opportunity to create prudent legislation that will provide relief to those that need it, and restrain entities that are using the pandemic as a opportunity seize more control over citizens' lives.

It should be a good discussion and a lesson North Carolinians should follow.

Senator Berger has stated the Governor's Order is not based on any proven data, and that the State should under go a clinical test of the population to determine if such measures are required.

What data is DHHS and Governor Cooper using to make these decisions? I believe their decisions are based on whim.

Jeff, thanks for posting. It is good that they are planning to convene, and I hope they do it quickly.

I don't think, however, that awaiting a time-consuming acquisition of data should precede any actions taken. Berger and Moore need to start with the state constitution and the federal; and discern where Cooper and various local officials have violated them. And they need to pass legislation expeditiously that corrects the situation.

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