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"Green's article and the Voter ID editorial that followed in Triad City Beat blatantly contradicted each other. One falsely cries out for democracy, while the other deliberately undermines it."

Green would likely make some sort of response that there's no contradiction.

Feckless writers for goofball small change Leftist weekly propaganda tabloids and their feeble-minded audience are known for inventing all sorts of excuses regarding their irrational academic and intellectual worldview agendas.

No doubt, Bob. There is more to say, but I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. But yes, they will find a way to rationalize it.

It is the tyranny of the black robes.

Am I wrong but isn't voter ID enshrined in the NC Constitution ? Help me out here .

It is, Fred. But this is a federal judge invalidating the NC Constitution. And it also represents partisan leftists posing as journalists.

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