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Here's all you need to know about this McGregor in regard to US foreign policy: He is an acolyte of Wesley Clark, which means he has a political axe to grind.

He has little to no credibility among people in the national security business.

He's appeared on Tucker Carlson's show several times. Carlson isn't stupid, but he should know better than to give this guy any airtime.

Bob, I don't know anything about this guy beyond what you have written, but I am glad Trump now appears to be de-escalating.

Here's the point that the media, the Left, and far too many Americans cannot (or do not) understand: In addition to its own agenda, Iran is acting as proxy for at least one (and very like numerous) nations other than their own.

This most recent provocation by the Iranian organized smokescreen of Iraqis "protesting" at the US embassy was simply part of the overall plan toward the goal of completely eliminating American influence in the Middle East. The list of examples that establish that to be true is fairly long.

In addition, it's helpful to review the disaster inflicted upon us by the many destructive acts that the Obama regime inflicted upon us.

Here is the issue in my mind, Bob. For the last 15 years, Iran has been waging war against us in Iraq, and we never did much about it other than fighting on the ground in Iraq. We don't really have a broad congressional authorization to fight "terror" wherever or however it presents itself, and we certainly don't have a formal declaration of war. US Presidents, however, have been regularly taking military action in the Middle East and Africa in spite of this.

If we are going to war with Iran, I think we need a formal declaration of war from Congress. I hope that doesn't ultimately happen, and that Trump succeeds with his strategy of applying pressure.

I also don't know that we really have a national interest at this point in the Middle East beyond containing terror. Of course, if we leave the Middle East, things will deteriorate in many areas, in part because the previous order was disrupted. But if we stay, we will have to deal with periodic incidents and casualties.

And Iran already clearly has a high level of influence over the Iraqi government. That is unfortunately the result after 15 years of fighting.

I am not sure I see any really good choices here.

Here's several questions that need to be considered, and ultimately answered:

1. Who benefited from the Iranian-driven attack on the US Embassy?
2. What are the short term and the end strategies of those who supported the attack?
3. Why did the attack take place NOW?

Last question: What other option did the United States have to respond to the attack?

Send Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter to Iran as emissaries of peace?

Joe, for the last FORTY PLUS years, Iran has been waging war against the United States of America.

Are we to just throw up our hands, and say"we quit"?

Consider this:

"Watching the various reactions to the killing of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, I have been struck by how historically ignorant most politicians and commentators are – and how our political-diplomatic language and mindset block us from reality......"

Read the rest. Gingrich nails it.


Bob, I agree with much of what you posted. And arguably, in retrospect, in order to have a better outcome in Iraq, going into Iran probably was necessary. But it is difficult to see how going into Iran at this point would yield a much better outcome than in Iraq. Perhaps it would, but the American people typically have not supported prolonged fighting or a prolonged presence among those who are resisting us. Part of the reason for that, of course, is the anti-American mainstream media and the anti-American left. Again, I don't see great options, but perhaps I am wrong about that.

"But it is difficult to see how going into Iran at this point would yield a much better outcome than in Iraq."

I don't recall expressing supporting for an invasion.

There are numerous ways to skin that cat without resorting to an invasion.

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