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Personally, I would love to see Mark Meadows run in 2022. He would make a great Senator. His work on the Freedom Caucus has been outstanding.

I agree, Fred, that he is probably the best that the Republicans have right now who could be a viable statewide candidate.

Joe, are you still the editor here? If so, then please stop lamenting that "no one good" is running against "Senator Flip-flop" and get behind one of the candidates who had the guts to step up and primary him. I'm one of those candidates, and I'd welcome your support! Have you even looked at my website?-- LarryForNC.com I filed late because others who said they'd oppose Tillis chose not to. Nevertheless, I'm going to give "Senator Flip-flop" the very best fight I can. I need your and your readers help--please tell others about my candidacy and website! Thank you!

Larry, I think there was a lot of last-minute filing for the Senate race, and this post was written before I was aware of your candidacy. I wish you luck with the campaign.

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