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Ah yes, the Braves fold again in October. They were at one time America's team. I too am a Braves fan and as youth followed my favorite team, the former AA Southern Association Atlanta Crackers ( not PC today )

I have some great memories of Atlanta,s Ponce de Leon Park . In 1949 the Brooklyn Dodgers played an exhibition game there with the Crackers . I hung around the dressing room afterwards and got autographs from Dodger greats like Gil Hodges, Duke Snider, Roy Campanella, Jackie Robinson etc. The next year , 1950, I got an autograph from Cracker rookie and Hall of Fame 3rd baseman Eddie Mathews. He hit 32 home runs that year.

For many years, Ponce de Leon Park featured a large Magnolia tree in deep center field which was in play. Eventually, long-time Crackers exec and owner Earl Mann moved the fences in, taking the tree out of play. Urban legend has it that Hall of Famers Babe Ruth and Eddie Mathews both blasted home runs into the branches of the Magnolia tree.

So, wait till next year.

Wow, Fred! You got autographs from some big names!

I had never heard of the Crackers. Thanks for posting.

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