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TC: Excellent . You covered the water front. Dangerous rhetoric is spewing out from the liberal Democrats .. the party of tokerance .. HA !

Red flag laws are stupid and threaten us. Even Dershowitz says so:


Trump should be very cautious if given a bill to sign
on making national " Lunacy Warrant " laws.

Red Flag Laws. A catchy phrase, sounds like it conveys wisdom but is largely of little merit. After every mass shooting, people demand greater vigilance of persons with mental health problems. This may be a good idea but the vigilantes here cannot be civil servants. Perhaps families could be educated through PSAs and the like to recognize certain behaviors associated with latent violence but, realistically, no school teacher, professor, or employer is going to risk personal tort liability by calling the cops on someone having a bad day. We could perhaps immunize such people like states currently immunize medical personnel who in good faith report child or elder abuse cases, or a pharmacist who refuses to fill a prescription for a controlled substances on the basis of what appears to be an invalid prescription. But this would require legislation and there might be some civil liberties’ groups opposed to expanding these immunities.

Red Flag Laws Are Stupid and Useless


Thanks, Fred. How accurately predictive are the red flags going to be to justify taking away someone's constitutional rights? The left really wants to repeal the 2nd Amendment, but lacks the support to do it.

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