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Enablers. Needles plus syringes cost less than .50c each for the pair. God almighty WTF is wrong with our legislative critters.

Some things defy logic and common sense, Fred. The legislative majority in the NC House is unapologetically progressive, and the Senate sometimes does not seem to be serving as the wall it was during the first five years of this decade. Bad thinking has become prevalent.

From the link above: "Critics say, however, that it may make the streets more dangerous for sanitation workers and law enforcement and also may appear to condone and even facilitate illicit drug use.
....While supporters call the program 'syringe exchange,' there is actually no requirement in the law that dirty needles and syringes be turned in 'in exchange' for new ones. Therefore, critics says it’s more accurately named 'syringe distribution' because these programs increase the number of dirty—and potentially disease-carrying—needles in trash cans, lying on streets, or in the pockets of those addicted to drugs. Some communities across the country are seeing an epidemic of syringes discarded on city streets. Several cities in Orange County, California are suing that state and demanding a halt to the needle distribution programs there, 'after complaints about discarded needles on the ground and in public buildings and workers being pricked by them.' "

This is just another bad call by the NC Republicans......something that's been happening more often than not these last few years.

I like to think of it as the "Thom Tillis Syndrome" at work.

Bob, you are absolutely right. One can only wonder what they are possibly thinking. But of course, the lazy, easy way to legislate-- the path of least resistance-- is to adopt the progressive mindset. And they do for various reasons-- to curry favor with the in-crowd, to buy votes, to appear "enlightened", to pay off donors, etc. It is the establishment way, and it is very sad. And they call themselves conservative.

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